Off-university was founded to create new and emancipative opportunities for education and research. It was established for and by academics from Turkey yet addresses itself to academics all over the world: academics who have been purged from their institutions, forced to resign, who are legally and politically persecuted and even imprisoned because of their opinion and research by anti-democratic regimes and those who seek to speak up against these practices in solidarity. 

Located in Germany, Off-university
offers researchers and students with limited opportunity to move around freely an occasion to participate in online education.

’s mission is based on its commitment to peace in the world and to living together in diversity and it therefore seeks to develop education-research activities that are less hierarchial and more democratic.

is to be realized in three phases:

A first milestone of Off- University research collaboration was the ‘Tough Questions about Peace’ online conference in October 2017. More than 10,000 active participants were involved in the discussions during the conference.

In the second phase, this will be expanded to a distant learning program that includes people from all parts of the world who have been forced to give up their work, research or studies due to war or political persecution.

In the long run Off-University we dream of creating a Peace University that combines in-class and digital educational settings.