Off-University needs your support for an Academia without Borders.

The platform Off-University was founded by and for academics who have been subjected to a number of violation of rights for defending peace in Turkey. It aims at protecting and further developing the freedom of academic production for students, academics and researchers.

With your support, Off-University hopes to extend its academic activities that have been initiated with a conference on the topic of peace, to establish a high-quality program of certified distant learning university courses taught by persecuted scholars.

Off-University defends free, peaceful, egalitarian and horizontal education free of charge. We aim to become an institution that addresses all individuals who have been stripped of their rights to education and research by anti-democratic regimes.

We hope that you will become party to this vision and will support Off-University. Please communicate to , which of the contributions from the list below you would like to make.

1. I declare that I support Off-University and its activities. I accept the appearance of my name under the list of supporters (Please, indicate your full name, institution and country).

2. I would like to become a member of the association “Off-University. Organisation für den Frieden e.V.”, the institutional representation of Off-University.

3. I would like to offer courses in my field of expertise at Off-University.

4. I would like to be a student and do research at Off-University.

5. I would like to support Off-University financially via the Crowdfunding-Campaign.

6. I would like to work as a volunteer at Off-University.

7. I would like to promote and help to popularize the activities of Off-University.

8. Other (please define)