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Off-University 2018/19 Winter Semester Online Courses Start Off!

Off-University is an initiative of scholars who respond to political persecution and attacks on academic freedom by creating a digital infrastructure to continue education and research. It was founded by scholars from Germany and Turkey yet addresses itself to scholars and students from all over the world with a range of online academic events; free of charge and available to everyone interested. In 2018/19 Winter Semester, Off-University presents three online courses starting on October 17, 2018.  

+ rewires dislocated scholars in the academic world in an alternative way for an alternative academia
+ understands itself as a facilitator that reassembles existing networks of collaboration among universities and other educational institutions in favor of a less hierarchical and more inclusive structuring;
+ is committed to a world in which critical research can be conducted anywhere, by anyone, and knowledge is produced and shared freely and free of charge.

Off-University 2018/19 Winter Semester provides a space for scholars from Turkey who were dismissed from their university positions due to signing a peace petition calling to end state violence in and against Kurdish cities and towns in January 2016. As some of the Off-University instructors have since not been allowed to leave Turkey, the courses are organized in an online space with the objective of transnational and transcultural communication between participants from all over the world and online-lecturers in Turkey by including online-participants from all around the world.

Off-University 2018/19 Winter Semester Online Courses are organized in collaboration with Potsdam University, the University of Duisburg-Essen and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (chair of Turkish Studies). Online courses are livestreamed with the facilitation of Off-University.

The three online courses in 2018/2019 Winter Semester at Off-University are held in English and Turkish, and open to online students wherever they are located and the interested public. Students of Potsdam and Duisburg-Essen Universities enrolled in appropriate programs may include these courses in their transcripts. It is sufficient just to get registered in order to participate in the courses which are free of charge. Participants who successfully complete their studies will receive a certificate of achievement which may be recognized by the universities located in countries part of the Bologna Process. The requirements might differ in each course.

Please follow the link below in order to get further information and download media files