Prof. Dr. Ayşe Erzan is a theoretical physicist who worked at Istanbul’s Technical University until her retirement. She holds the L’Oréal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science 2003 and is peer spokeswoman of Turkey’s peace movement“Barış Bloku.”

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uğur is an economist based at the University of Greenwich. His work mainly concerns the economic relations between Turkey and the EU.

Prof. Dr. Onur Hamzaoğlu is a physician whose research deals with the impacts of industrial pollution on public health. As a signatory of the “peace petition” launched by academics from Turkey he was dismissed from Kocaeli University by governmental decree. He continues teaching outside of university alongside several colleagues in the framework of the “solidarity academy.”

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kaboğlu is a specialist in constitutional law. As member of the Turkish President’s Human Rights Commission, his reports led to him being physically assaulted and accused sedition. As a signatory of the peace petition launched by academics from Turkey he was dismissed by governmental decree and stripped of all political rights. He cannot continue teaching at Sorbonne University and participate in international scientific meetings as his passport has been confiscated.

Dr. Bülent Şık is a food engineer and founder of a research center on food security and agriculture at Akdeniz University, Antalya. He conducts research on food chemistry and food security. While working at the faculty of gastronomy and culinary arts, he was dismissed by governmental decree as a signatory of the “peace petition”. With other dismissed colleagues, he continues teaching at the “Solidarity Academies” (Dayanışma Akademileri).

Prof. Dr. Şebnem Korur Fincancı is a member of the faculty of forensic medicine at Istanbul University. She is a member of a large number of associations, among them the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (Türkiye İnsan Hakları Vakfı) and the Turkish Medical Association (Türk Tabipler Birliği). Following the arrest of the editors of the turkish-kurdish daily “Özgür Gündem“, she participated in a campaign to take over the newspaper’s editorship for a day in rotation. She was arrested with the allegation of doing propaganda for terrorism.

Prof. Dr. Meral Özbek works at Mimar Sinan University’s Institute of Sociology. She works on popular culture and public space.

Prof. İştar Gözaydın is a professor of law and politics. She is founding member of Istanbul’s Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly and has taught at different universities in Turkey and abroad. In December 2016 she was arrested for several months because of alleged links to Fethullah Gülen.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Lessenich is Director of the Institute of Sociology at Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilian University. Amongst others his research concerns the sociology of (in)equality, theories of the welfare state and the sociology of age(ing).